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    And that progress in linguistics and literature are thus made on this occasion because it opens to poetry and that we then better appreciate the productions of Prevert of Perec, surrealism … with the “launch schedule,” we have a tool that can further encourage risk-taking. In each area, it is to achieve top ten small steps to get his patent (which is really just a start certificate). The pressure is so strong that, say half an hour, three-quarters of the class embarked.

    And discover the joy of speaking or singing or “corporer” or … is such that nobody cares to see more up his mark on the panel. But it remains to be concerned about those who do not dare to start to improvise. For some who were close to the edge, just a little additional stress they tip over in turn. But the cross is not too big for those who remain. Stress is dangerous because the lock could be definitive.

    Moreover, we can rely on the existence of the universal need to say. In a class-term creation, necessarily find its way. In math, we can still go much further in daring because the law of duty mean at any cost is not as strongly inscribed in the minds than in that of language. In this area, the free expression is less corseted, it is free-free. Here, for example, Denis: early this school year, the main problem is the difficulty of his relationship with his father.

    At eight years old eldest of four, it is always he who is responsible and guilty of all the nonsense that can be made. Certainly, it could also use the written symbolically to try to resolve this bad relationship history. But for now, this is not his way.

    Since in mathematical creation, we can absolutely do what we want, it starts furiously black boxes. (To express the darkness of his life?). And after days of romping, he can finally see his creations book includes tiles, he embarks on the adventure of grids. He slid all black along one long side and can then easily calculate additional areas of black and white.

    He is passionate about it to become the benchmark for the class. I could then direct it to calculate the area of ??a parallelogram and the triangle. No, I do not intervene, this is not how we learn: we do not get it conquers. And I’m too curious to know where he will now direct his steps. – Hey there!

    Paul, with this story of scribbling, what are you do not go out there the strict domain of the word “risk”? – But what ! we are dealing with human beings and not to pre-programmed robots! And a human being is “a meeting of complications” (V.H.). There is not, there can be no strict domain. So, after letting off steam furiously scribbling in his notebook, the child comes to slip serenely in mathematics.

    Having the freedom to create what he wanted, he could venture to use that discipline to set and then sublimate his problem using? for sixty-five days! – to blackening process. However, in parallel, quietly, in the rest of its ten daily creations, ideas and plodded built day after day in secret, waiting patiently or even lethargic ment that they be paid attention. In natural method of math, one need not worry about sound normal, quite the contrary.

    One can even venture to follow his personal tendencies even if considered separately, they may be likely to be affected with a negative coefficient. The “imaginative” which thousand original ideas in writing may, again, afford to follow its trend unrealistic; the “copier magnifier” plunders the others, but usefully expanded since their prospects; the “argumentative born” critical solutions proposed by the class and opens it with additional spaces.

    The “visionary” laughs imagining a diamond right on one side and curved on the other. And that will prevent him from setting his stable, considering the price not to pay this crazy idea vectors that go backwards. And “manual” translates everything into cardboard models. Oh! wait, now the group league against Mickael who claims to make him believe that his operation (placed vertically) kih = 2552 + kih is right.

    Then play the game of prey and predator. It is said: “h = 1. But the 5 is not possible because it is not an even number – but if this is possible because it is not am – 1 pm but -. 6, there is a carry – Good, but as i = 2, 25 is not possible service for homework online
    because it is not an even number – but if because i, 7, and there, too. there is a hold -.!.

    Maybe, but 25 over 19 and numbers can only go up to 9. Ah yes, it’s true “and Mickael laughs because, for a while, he was able to defend his case, it was the prey that would be cornered, but he invented the first trick; we then tried to pin him again and he has found a new loophole. Thus, the exciting game continues until he is forced to surrender. Meanwhile in another circumstance, he does on the side of those who pursue.

    All these games of successive risk taking obviously develop the understanding of each other, consolidating parallel beings and knowledge. Yes, but Gael, the “libertarian” says: “But if k was equal to 12?” Clamor widespread. “We have no right to exceed 9” – But this is a free text, if we gave the right? “You can imagine the result: while we understand that it is necessary to establish the mathematical game rule in question before starting, (And I think, too long conditioned to the decimal system, I had a hard to accept ct and P to represent 10 and 11 in the base system 12) But there is one idea I have been slow to discover: this is the dangerous risk to succeed This depends on the status in which. is placed. this Julien only boy among three daughters. often in this situation, the mother has a weakness for the boy.

    But his is overwhelmed. His often absent husband (marine) is also regularly sick when it is at home. and Julian did not even enjoys youngest status since there is a little sister after him. Also, he must make his profit of family status “shabby.” and, “this age is no mercy “in the courtyard and on the way to school, too happy decouv er a loser they, the other children did not spare him the insults …

    However, at first, as in this class is available free expression, he could not refrain from saying subterranean his misfortune . And in this case, the first thing surprises. Instead of being discredited as he expected because of its large number of free texts to disasters: storms, shipwrecks, earthquakes, fire, tears, drop … it is recognized as the specialist. For the class, nothing out of the ordinary since it is also free to write what he wants.

    Yes, but for him, it becomes dangerous! Is not going to become abnormally normal in this class where everyone is too reassured himself for having to go down the other. Is not going to have to reconsider his status of “rabbit” which, until then, was sticking to his skin and which he was, somehow, and rather harm than good, pretty close accommodated?

    However, as in the “literary” field, each has its specialty, it is not placed above the other and can quietly continue not to be noticed. However, always to be like the others, he is led to “create” on the math book. And, not to be distinguished, he draws anything. But, obviously, its creation is also brought to the table.

    And now the class seizes and found him unpredictable virtues. The child is now in big trouble: the fact of being valued greatly disrupts the math. Until then, he had almost settled his family status of “hopeless.” But after a number of unintended successes of this type in mathematics, he must absolutely reconsider. He is torn: should be or not be the ugly, shabby, the draw?

    For him, the only possible solution is, next to the negative world of the house, to create a second world of excellence at school.

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